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(He)brews Hangouts

Finish your Friday with people who care

For College Students and Young Adults building a community of people who really care about you is difficult.
Where can I go to meet friends?  How do I get to know people?
At (He)brews Hangouts we seek to provide a safe space where people can come to play games, have fun, learn new things, engage in deep conversation and be loved.
We start with a short Bible study and prayer and then we open the night up to whatever we want to do. Some nights we watch movies, other nights there is a board game out while others play the Switch, sometimes we bake, some people even bring work to finish.  
This gathering is designed to be safe and engaging for those who have a deep relationship with Christ and for those who don't.

 Come as you are.
Let Jesus transform you.

Weekend Meetups

Friday 8:00pm-Midnight

Doors open at 8:00pm. Bible Study & Prayer soon after.
Fun times and caring conversations throughout the night.

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